Monday, April 14, 2008


Before we charge forward with the particulars of this year's fest, we'd be remiss if we didn't congratulate last year's prize winners:

3rd Place: Mark Johnson - Daydreams
2nd Place: Holly Coley - Lady Like
1st Place: Gabriela Jimenez -Death by Scrabble

The Operation Mustang Award for the best use of fake mustaches in a film:
Holly Coley: Lady Like

The Donald Trump Award for best overall use of fake body hair in a film:
Marina Carija: Sasquatcha

The Mcadams/Gosling Award for best make-out scene in a film:
Rob Jackson and Ashley Kajelmin for their work in Slight Irritants

The Philip Glass Award for best live accompaniment to a film:
Peloton for Soundseas

The Kevin Bacon Award for the actor who has appeared in more 3-minute films than anyone else throughout 3-Minute Film Festival history:
Brad Johnson

The Marty Scorsese Award for overall excellence in writing & direction throughout 3-Minute Film Festival history:
Jeff Cleary

The Madonna Ciccone award for best audience interpretation of black tie:
Miyako Ueki


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