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Hello Three Minute Film Fans,

This year the 3 Minute Film Festival turns 5 and we are proud to be part of Root Division’s Second Saturday series. What does this mean? Charming 3 Minute award winner retrospective! More prizes! Better booze! The three-minuteiest films ever!

Get out the story boards and microphones! You have from July 1 to July 31st to write and produce your 3 minute piece de resistance, transfer it to DVD, and mail it off to 3 Minute HQ. Then, kick back and reap the rewards at the Black Tie Gala and Film Screening on Saturday, August 11th at Root Division.

Why we do what we do:
The 3 Minute Film Festival was created by the visionary Chris Baty, who had a dream of getting people to spend 30 days embracing the spirit of uncritical invention. Chris has since moved on to found National Novel Writing Month and Script Frenzy, among other awesome pursuits, and left the 3 Minute Film Festival behind to be randomly organized by a team of crackpots. Why? Because we love to make films just for the sake of making films, we love to watch films and laugh, and we love YOU. For an inspirational message from Chris, click here.

Up for the challenge? Email us by June 31st to sign up and reserve your slot in the historical 3 Minute Film Festival 2007 line-up:

Then mail a check to Root Division to cover the $5-$10 sliding scale entry fee. Although we’ve been able to run the festival sans entry fee in the past, we want to help Root Division purchase a new projector and all entry fees will support this. We’re keeping the cost low so as not to leave anyone left out and hope that you will contribute what you can. Please make checks payable to Root Division and mail to:

Root Division
3175 17th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

Good luck all!

Are there rules?

1) Whatever you make has to be three minutes long or less. No exceptions.

2) All 3 minute films must be made expressly for the 3 minute Film Festival. No previously made movies are allowed, and all editing/assembly work must be completed between July 1st and July 31st.

3) All submissions must be mailed (postmarked) to SF 3-Minute Festival Headquarters by August 2nd. All submissions, regardless of original format, must be transferred to DVD before being submitted. Please MAIL TO: SF THREE MINUTE FILM FEST PO BOX 401019
SF, CA 94140

4) Make the best movie that you can. But remember that none of us know what we're doing and anything you do will be great.

More questions/rules:

What does the "black tie" in "Black Tie Blockbuster Gala and Film Screening" mean?
Men wear suits or tuxedos. T-shirts with tuxedos on them will be judged on a case-by-case basis. Women wear gowns or dresses or suits or tuxedos. Men can wear dresses or gowns too, I guess. But they have to be fancy.

Does it cost anything to participate?
There is a $5-$10 sliding scale entry fee this year, which will help Root Division pay for its new projector. Yay! Please make your check payable to Root Division and mail to:
Root Division
3175 17thStreet
San Francisco, CA 94110

Tickets to the gala will be available at the door at a sliding scale cost of $5 to $15 to help pay for event costs and to support Root Division.

Will there be popcorn?
You bet. All you can eat and then some.

Are the movies judged? Is there a "winner"?
As in years past, the audience will vote on the three movies they liked the most and the winners will receive lavish parting gifts at the tearful award ceremony. Unlike years past, this year’s films will be prescreened by a group of informed “curators” who will select secret bonus winners and bestow special prizes and kisses upon them.

Can I work with someone else?
Yes! Please do. This is a collaboration-friendly event.

What should my film contain?
Please include a title screen and/or credits so we know who made it and starred in it and stuff.

What formats are acceptable?
Feel free to work in any wacky format. But please have the final edit of your movie transferred to DVD.


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