Monday, July 24, 2006

A Brand New Beginning!

Every year in Northern California an event occurs that sends the best of the best scrambling from all corners of the globe, all to converge with the singular goal of creative competition at the highest level. That event is the Mavericks surf tournament, this is not it.

BUT! Similarly, it is once again time for the 3 Minute Film Festival (brought to you by Schlitz and Dave's Insanity Sauce). So dust off that joke you want to tell, the point you want to make, the observation that must be shared. These are no longer the stuff of post-last call slurrings! Besides, people were way too gone to pay attention, and they wouldn't have "gotten it" anyway. You need a (slightly) larger stage! No longer shall you wallow in unappreciated coffee-shop obscurity! Like a good cry or a bout with food poisoning, let your creativity out!

Here's the rules:
Write & produce a 3 minute film in the month of August and then, as always, reap the rewards at the Black-Tie Gala festival screening in September. The showcase location this year has been moved from Park City, Utah to Root Division in the Mission (AKA "The Sundance of 17th Street"). Keep scrolling down for submission rules. Here's the details on the screening;

7:00 PM

This year, playing the roles of sleazy Hollywood studio executives, -All your friends! -It's that simple. Please feel free to shoot in any format, but only DVD-transfer submissions will be accepted, the format of champions.

Contact us at this address if you're interested:

Good Luck you all. I'll see you on the other side.


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